In Short Order radio show August 1, 2010

Dr. Murray (Buz) Susser

Our guest will be physician and author, Dr. Murray Susser.

From fighter pilot to physician, “Dr. Susser earned his professional stripes by treating people from all walks of life.  Whether billionaires or super stars or people on assistance, he has served them with his medical skills and knowledge.  Sharon Stone, Brian Wilson, and Dixie Carter are just a few who have publicly acknowledged Dr. Susser as their doctor. Yet, numerous others cannot even be mentioned due to doctor-client confidentiality.  Many patients, including dozens of doctors, have gone to see Dr. Susser because no one else could make them well.  And many of them had even been to prestigious medical centers and universities without successful results.  As Dr. Susser pointed out recently, “Because these patients were never treated beyond drugs and surgery, they never received what their bodies truly needed.” –Scott Tips,

Dr. Susser is also an author: “Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” — “affects millions of victims; is not depression or pyschosomatic illness; is recognized as a physicial disease by the CDC; is often difficult to differentiate from other causes of chronic fatigue; requires considerable knowledge of its causes; is a disorder of the immune system involving possibly many infections; can be remedied by knowing how to bolster the immune system; requires systematic method of treatment; and most important, can be treated successfully!”

Sundays, 7-9 PM EST


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