In Short Order returns by popular demand

In Short Order radio show returns at the request of the listening audience. We have changed a few things at In Short Order, the first being the station, now BlogTalk radio online.

Secondly, Sue has a co-host, Dr. Warren M. Levin from Vienna, Virginia. Dr. Levin practices alternative and integrative medicine and says he “spends much of his practice treating the rejects from mainstream medicine.” Dr. Levin opened the first alternative and integrative medical practice in New York City in 1974 and is the doctor who is responsible for taking on (and winning) the New York State Medical Review Board to protect the rights of physicians that choose to treat with alternative therapies.  

While living in CT over 10 years ago, Dr. Levin developed Lyme disease, and was treated for 4 weeks and recovered.  One year later, the symptoms returned, and he learned about ILADS.  He is now fully recovered after prolonged multiple antibiotic therapies.  

Dr. Levin is board certified in Chelation Therapy, Clinical Metal Toxicology, Environmental Medicine, Advanced Longevity Medicine and Bariatric Medicine.

Next, we are expecting to reach physicians and other health care professionals first, with advocates/patients secondly. This isn’t to slight anyone, but from experience, if the treating physician and patient are on the same sheet of music, the song is sung in tune.

Lastly, we are fortunate to have two hours air time — about the time you would first spend with a good LLMD!

So join us as we air every Sunday evening, 7-9PM EST, at BlogTalk radio! Psssst…..let your doctor know where we are, too.


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